Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting close...

We went to the house yesterday to check things out - and we have lights!  I'm so excited!  Starting to feel like a real house now.  Oh, and our front door was painted and the outside stone finished!  I was so excited to get inside that I didn't even bother with an outside pic, though.  I'll have to take one at another trip.

A lot of our floors were exposed too, so that was great to get to see the hardwoods uncovered.  Of course, we still don't have carpet but that's okay.  I'd prefer that they wait until the last possible minute to install that.

We found some items for our current and evolving punch list.  Mostly they were related to drywall issues.  There were already quite a few patch jobs present, so I think our PM is on top of a lot of it.  Nevertheless, an additional set (or two) of eyes will catch a lot more, so we're trying to keep track.  A few drawers in the master bathroom vanity are askew, and we noticed some things in the garage that we hope get handled before closing.  Also, we weren't overly ecstatic about some of the painted trim - around the doors there seems to be a large number of obvious nails and paint goobers and so on.  Not the best job, but we're hoping it gets taken care of.  The husband is supposed to call the PM today sometime to talk about it.  I know it's still not completely finished and of course there will be fixes made up until the last minute, but we just want these things on record now, while we still remember them. 

Oh yeah, and our fireplace still isn't finished.  Speaking of which, we apparently have a remote for our fireplace - we thought we were getting a switch next to the fireplace for it, but yesterday we only saw one switch there.  That one was for the fireplace lights, and the box that used to be there was now covered in drywall.  What?  Well, we saw a remote sitting on top of the mantel, and low and behold, it operated the fireplace.  Awesome!  We couldn't figure out how to make the blower work, though, and we didn't know how to turn off/on the pilot from the remote either.  They currently have the pilot running all the time, to help dissipate the smell that's associated with new fireplace logs.  I really appreciate that - our friends who built with another builder this winter haven't been able to enjoy their new fireplace yet because of that smell.  They're waiting for spring so they can turn it on full blast and open all the windows to let the smell out.

Still waiting to hear back about the appraisal.  Once we have that number I'll be able to move on mentally.  Providing, of course, that it's a favorable number.  Otherwise...  We shall see.

Living room - we can see the floor!

View of dining room from living room

Master Shower (glass door pending)

Master Bathtub (a little blurry)

Master vanity and mirror (at an angle so I'm not in the pic too)

Hall bath

Hall bath vanity

Foyer chandelier

The Kitchen
I love you, Kitchen.

Another angle of the kitchen

Morning room fan with light

View of kitchen from family room

Unfinished fireplace - but hey, there's light!

Dining room chandelier
We will seriously need a dimmer for this.  Seriously.

Dining room bay window with lights
I love the look of the floor with the trim and paint in this room.

Random pic of the basement media room

In other news, we've submitted the first round of paperwork to NVR.  Let's hope it's the only round. 


  1. I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! It's beautiful!

  2. Take as many sets of eyes as you can to catch all of the drywall flaws now! We are prepping for our 30-day so we've been going room to room in the evenings with a light so we can mark everything. Hopefully this time we will catch everything that we either missed or that happened after our walk-through. I don't even want to think about the mess that we will be dealing with after all of the touch-ups!

    1. I can't imagine the mess after you're already moved in! I'm hoping we can get a lot done now, but I know more will show up after we've closed. It's inevitable.

  3. It's looking great - your selections came together beautifully. Is that crown molding in the media room???

  4. Thanks! Ha, yes, that's crown in the media room. We requested crown in the entire finished basement area, and apparently they were not messing around down there! We even have crown in the powder room in the basement! As my husband likes to say, we have more crown molding in the basement than we do in the entire rest of the house. He's planning on installing some in the spare bedrooms, the kitchen, and the family room in the future - doesn't want those rooms to feel left out.

  5. Looks beautiful! It REALLY looks like a house and a lovely one!So exciting! You're almost there!

  6. O M G, I cant blog anymore, your house BLOWS mine away :(...Wish I could have done all that, gesh makes mine look plain jane!! And for the price we paid, we paid for space!! Sometimes blogging can be no good for you..

    Wish i had your house, awesome selections, just B E A U T I F U L!

    No fair.............LOL........really its a great compliment to you :)

    1. Aww, thanks! It's really very sweet of you to say that. And don't stop blogging! Your house is beautiful too! Plus, you have that super awesome shower that I am totally green with envy over. I wish I had thought of that! But really, we all blog and see things that we wish we could do or should have done (that list grows by the day with me) - it's all part of the process. Now I know what to do next time, or with a remodel, and so on.

  7. Very lovely,
    Your coordination with colors came together perfectly. What an awesome home.

    1. Thank you! It's so hard to choose from those small examples, but it turned out great.

  8. Your home looks beautiful! We picked the same paint color! Love your selections!

    1. Thanks! I am so so so happy my husband changed the color from Sundew to Pavilion Beige. I am in love with that paint color! Sundew would have been just too yellow for us. This is perfect.

  9. Oh my goodness this house is beautiful!! I love everything about it, and my that kitchen is amazing! I could totally see myself making a few cocktails in there! Congrats and well done!! I'm......jealous =)

    1. Thanks! I cannot wait to make some cocktails in our kitchen. And, in the basement where we will be putting our dry-bar - I'm sure we'll be using some of your recipes in the future!