Friday, July 12, 2013

An update...and some (mostly) finished rooms!

Wow, it has been forever since my last post.  During my absence, we've had our driveway poured and our final grade done.  The exterior painting was completed (except for our front door - would like to have that repainted but who knows if that'll actually happen now), so that pretty much completes everything that needed to be done by RH before June 30th.

On the inside, we have finished the media room (for now, until we get a new tv in the not-too-distant future, hopefully in time for the World Cup) and the two spare bedrooms.  Our master and the living room are almost completely done.  My craft room and the first floor office are still ridiculous messes that I'm trying not to think about.  Still nothing on the walls, either!  Oh yeah, and no dining room set yet.  We went down to Amish country a few weekends ago and ordered one - now begins the long 8-10 week wait for it to arrive.  This is high stress, too, since we "built" it ourselves from pieces all around the store (that's what they tell you to do, but sometimes it's hard for me to imagine it all together), and we totally changed some stuff to the china hutch.  Please oh please let it turn out great.

We have someone coming out this week from a local landscaping company to give us a quote for putting in a lawn, landscaping/flower beds, a patio, and a deck.  I can only imagine what that number will come back as!  We may do things in stages, but we've had such nice weather recently that I seriously want a patio and deck, like, yesterday.  I know there will be other summers, but I'm all about instant gratification.  Besides, I feel really exposed sitting in lawnchairs in the driveway.

Anyway, on to some photos.  I'll have to take some more pics of the media room and living room and post those soon.  Mostly, these pics will be of the bedrooms since those are the rooms that are essentially done, save for some wall and dresser decor items.  Still pretty "hung up" on hanging pictures - honestly don't know what my problem is!  And as far as curtains go, yeah, still stuck on that too.  But, now we have blinds in the bedrooms, so that helps a lot (takes the pressure off!).

Master sitting area

Master sitting area
(ignore the litterbox - I think we're gonna buy one of those tables to hide it in.)

Master bed
(I like tall mattresses, but I had no idea we would lose so much of the headboard!  Oh well.)

Awesome tree-branch lamp - from
(Every time I see this, I say "I love lamp" in my head ala Brick from Anchorman.)

First spare bedroom (Next to the master)

This was our old bedroom set.

Nevermind the boxes - they may stay there forever.

Second spare bedroom - all new furniture and mattress from Value City.
It was a steal and looks great!

Louis Phillipe style - love it!

Our new blinds - decorative trim at the top

Hard to photograph with light streaming in, but you kinda get the idea.