Saturday, January 5, 2013

Siding and Drywall (PGBD #55-57)

I was able to get out of work right on time Thursday, and so I headed down to the lot to see if there was any progress.  There was!  At some point (either Wednesday or Thursday) we got siding, which looks awesome.  While I was there, the guys were installing drywall in the living room and dining room.  I snuck into the backyard and saw that the basement was drywalled as well.  It appeared that some of the upstairs was done, too, but it was difficult to see as it was getting dark and the only lights were in the living/dining rooms.  Of course, the doors were locked and I couldn't get in.

The husband was able to run by Friday afternoon, and he actually met one of the neighbors (this is the first time we've been there at the same time as someone else).  These are the neighbors to the left of us - they just broke ground this week (yay for them!).  Apparently there's a lot of kids in the neighborhood, which we were kinda expecting, but now we will most definitely be surrounded.  Neighbors to the left have two kids, neighbors to the right have two kids, and apparently neighbors across the street also have two kids.  We have two cats.

The folks to the right of us had brick installed, and those across the street are staring down the closing barrel (I think they're due to close in a couple weeks).  So, Phase III, which for so long sat with only two lots sold throughout the summer and fall, is now becoming a crazy, booming area of construction and growth.  And mud, of course.

I'm starting to get excited.  I'm really hoping we can get in this weekend.  I'd like to walk around with drywall up.  We'll get a better sense of size and space, or so I've heard. 

Unfortunately, I'm also starting to get really nervous about some things I'm afraid I can't change.  I never thought to ask about the transitions between our hardwoods and the carpet in the family room, and I'm afraid it's gonna be some crappy thing that I hate (like a metal transition?  not the nice wood I've seen elsewhere and in the models).  I just assumed it would be like the model.  We all know how wrong that can steer us (I want to go back in time and smack my past self).  Seriously, it's a small thing but a big deal to me and I'm terrified that it's too late to do anything about it.  I need to contact the flooring people.  I also need to contact them about the tile in the master shower.  In addition to all this cosmetic BS, we would like to know if we can lock in any time soon.  Of course, our LO is nowhere in sight, and we obviously don't have the awesome NVR folks working with us that some of you have had - you know, the ones who send regular email updates on rates and so on.  I'm not sure where our loan folks have even been as of late.  Just another example of NVR and RH not really communicating.  Are we supposed to be initiating all this ourselves?  Where's the guidance?  Thankfully the husband will be handling this, as he is much better with the finances than I am.
I am currently at work and unable to upload a photo of the siding from my Thursday evening drive-by.  I'm hoping to post some later today or tomorrow, with better lighting.  For now, I must get back to work, and also find the flooring specialist's email address.  Kinda freaking out right now.  *deep breath*


  1. I never asked about the transitions because it never even crossed my mind, but I like almost all of them. We got the really nice wood transitions where they just put the hardwood around the border anywhere that the floor transitions from hardwood to carpet. There are pictures on my blog that do a better job of showing what I'm talking about. The transition from the mudroom vinyl to the hardwood is a strip of wood for us. The transition from the tiled master bathroom to the carpet is a nice piece of marble or similar material. The only transition that I didn't care for is from the spare bathroom vinyl to the carpet... it was just a thin piece of metal. Here are some pictures...

    We had to get permission from our PM to lock our rate... and that happened shortly after drywall was fully installed. We had to keep asking him about locking before he finally gave us the go ahead. He is a bit more conservative about letting people lock than other PMs though so there's a bit of a time cushion in case something slows things down on his end... he didn't want us to go over our time limit for the lock.

    We got an email from our LO at some point close to us being able to lock our rate saying that she was going to start sending daily rate update e-mails until we locked... I think that lasted for a day or two and then no more e-mails. We have initiated most of the communication with everyone throughout this whole process, but we have really tried to stay on top of the people at NVR in hopes of preventing any surprises at closing.

    1. Thanks for your input and photos. I hope we have transitions similar to yours - they look really nice! I just sent off an email to our Rite Rug specialist regarding my issues, so let's hope for a speedy response. As for the rate lock, I guess we can always start with our PM, and see what he has to say. We still don't have a closing date set, so maybe that's why we haven't heard anything yet from the LO.

    2. Yeah.. we didn't get our closing date until after drywall was completely installed. Again, it was just our PM being sure there was plenty of time to finish the house in case of delays.

      Good luck getting your closing date and your rate locked soon. I know it's an unsettling feeling to have to wait for the go ahead to lock your rate.

  2. We just had our hardwood installed and they take a piece of wood and turn it sideways for the transition. I have photos but haven't had time to upload them yet.

    I'd lock your rate ASAP if I were you. They have been rising steadily since the day after New Years since the fiscal cliff deal has been signed and they typically rise from December through April and fall from May through November. You are able to lock after your per-drywall meeting. Locks are usually only free for 60 days and pre-drywall means your at about 45 days from closing which is why it's a safe time to lock. I had to call our LO to lock, but we aren't using NVR for our mortgage.

  3. Yea I think the standard wood to carpet transition is the wood strip so I think you should be in good shape.

    I would definitely call NVR and bug them to help you... that's their job!

    I'm in the same boat as you... almost all of our neighbors have multiple kids and all we have is a rabbit. lol.

  4. You have a beautiful home! We just signed a purchase agreement for an Avalon and I can't wait to begin. I know how you feel about the flooring transitions, and the family room carpet/hall & kitchen hardwood transition is on my "question list" (which is very long). The little things are important and I've already learned to not take anything for granted.