Thursday, January 3, 2013

A long-awaited update...

Here's a short update:

Not too much to report, thanks to the holidays.  We had our pre-drywall meeting before Christmas (I think it was the 20th, but honestly I cannot remember anymore).  Everything seemed to be going okay.  We had a few questions/concerns (including how far up the wall they will tile in the master shower - apparently that's up to Rite Rug and I need to call them about it), but we'll be getting those handled eventually.

Lots of time lag before siding and drywall were supposed to be installed, mostly because of the holidays.  The rough date for those installations was yesterday.  I was off, but was waiting on the plumber as I broke our garbage disposal at the current house after accidentally destroying one of our shot glasses (smooth move, I know, and now we have to go back to the Hoover Dam to replace it - vacation time!).  So I never got the chance to get out to the lot during the day.  Plus, most of the time when I'm off I want to just stay in if I can.  I'm not really one to drive all over creation shopping or whatever on my time off - it's precious to me and I want to spend it doing stuff I like, such as watching movies and working on craft projects.  Going out into the cold is not included in "Stuff I Like."  In addition, the husband is super-ridiculously busy at work right now, and he hasn't been able to head out to the lot either.  But again, it's not like it matters since there was so little happening over the last 2-3 weeks.  I'm hoping to be able to drive past today after work.

I just wanted to let you all know that we're still around and still building, and we're still following up on all your blogs as well.  Let's hope we get some more good developments to post about soon.

One of the more recent exterior shots - with garage doors and some decorative trim over windows and door.

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  1. The house is looking good! Hopefully now that the holiday are over things will start moving a little faster for you.