Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Garage Goodies! (PGBD #60)

Ran past the house yesterday right after work, while it was still light out, to see if anything had changed on the outside.  We are still waiting on stone installation.  Well, the stone was in the yard, but we're still waiting on installation!  That's okay.  I'm hopeful for today, since the temp has increased significantly (expected high in the low 40s here) so fingers crossed they install it today.

I was able to sneak inside - not really sneak, the front door was totally unlocked, and of course I can't pass that up.  No changes to our drywall yet - no mudding or taping yet.  But, we did have some garage goodies!  Our cabinets, trim/moldings, and interior doors were filling up the two car side.  It was awesome, and totally dark so I couldn't get a decent photo.  Oh well, there will be time enough for that later on.  Of course, everything was still in boxes too, so there wasn't really anything to photograph anyway.  It's all a step in the right direction.  The husband is hoping to drive past the house today.  (He has been ridiculously busy with work, working 24-36 hour days this week and the past weekend.  He was so exhausted yesterday at the end of another 36 hour workday that when I told him I was going to check on the house he said, "Oh, I forgot that we were even building a house."  I hope he gets a break soon!) 

The neighbors across the street are almost completely done - mailbox installed, electricity on, everything! - so I expect their closing to be any day now.  The next door neighbors had their concrete forms up and walls poured, and workers were digging out the lot next door to them.  Things are picking up on our street! 


  1. Feels like Xmas - all over again!!

  2. I love how everyone "breaks into" our own homes :-)

  3. Yay! I love garage goodies!!!