Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Letter from RH

Yesterday we had a letter from RH in our mail.  Apparently, our pre-settlement walkthrough date has been determined - February 14th.  And then our closing is supposed to be that following Friday.

I'm hesitatingly excited about this.  I'm scheduled to be on call that weekend (of course!  I changed my call from the first weekend in February because of a possible Kentucky bourbon trip we might be taking at the end of January, so now I'm inconvenienced in another, different way.) 

Still haven't heard from NVR (*crickets chirping*), though I'm thinking we should be calling them ourselves soon.  I don't really want to because the husband is so much better at that stuff than I am, impatience may win out.  Besides, he doesn't seem too worried about the interest rates...  Okaaaaay...

Oh, the drywall finishers started mudding yesterday and stone is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday.

So now I'm sitting here, nervous about changing my silly countdown gadget because I don't want to jinx myself.  How ridiculous we sometimes become in such important times in our lives!  Of course, we will take a lesson from M and double check dates with our PM before showing up unexpected (thanks for the tip - amazingly, I would have never suspected this to be necessary!).

It's funny because I've seen the house in person and I know there's hardly any interior work done, but RH is already sending out prep paperwork with possible closing dates and so on.  I'm expecting this date might be moved back...but then again everyone else seemed to worry too and still have their stuff come through at the end.  Mostly.

We shall see.


  1. What a bummer that the dates fall on a weekend that you are on call. It's funny how we all worry but in the end it all usually works out.

  2. I strongly, strongly suggest that you pick up the phone and call. I found it absolutely amazing that I called several folks yesterday about our closing regarding the missing paperwork and no one knew a thing. When you make the call it alerts others as to what is not being done.

  3. Our PM and NVR also had two different closing dates for us. We wound up working it out between the two parties ourselves because I didn't trust them to do it. Isn't it nice how you pay then a whole lot of money and then you still have to do their jobs for them? :)