Friday, November 23, 2012

Lots of stuff happening! (PGBD #7-13)

Well, it's been a while since I've posted, and quite a bit has happened.  As of my last post, the workers were removing the forms from the basement/foundation walls.  Since then we have had waterproofing installed, drainage installed, and our framing began Wednesday!  Woohoo!!

In our region, they routinely do not pour the basement/garage floors before framing.  I know some places it's different, and I honestly don't know why.  Weather?  Some guy's executive decision?  Who knows?  Regardless, our lumber was delivered Wednesday (11/21) as scheduled and the framing crew promptly got to work!  We now have the I-beams installed in the basement, as well as the basement walk-out back wall framed in.  They started on the first floor (like, the actual floor), but didn't get it finished before the end of the day on Wednesday.  As per our PM, they will continue framing today (Friday?  Really?  I was surprised!) and Saturday, but they are off Monday and Tuesday.  Apparently, it's open gun season on Monday, and our Amish framers are gonna be way too busy with the deer (??  I'm assuming it's deer season?  No clue, not a hunter).

So, prepare for a deluge of photos (making up for lost time).

Where the patio doors will eventually be (basement under morning room)

Looking into the basement through the morning room area
Back of walkout basement with waterproofing and our shadows!

Drainage pipe - not yet installed

Waterproofing at the back of basement, drainage pipes, and the husband's shadow

Waterproofing and drainage - side of basement behind third bay of garage

The standard shot of our wood with our lot number on it!

The framers!  Yay!  We have house parts coming together!

View of framers in the basement from the first floor (near front door)

Window for Morning room and French doors for walkout

Walkout basement with opening for French doors on right and windows on left

Basement under the morning room - soon to be our bar.

Doors and Windows!
Here's the awesome view from our basement windows (area under the morning room). 
My favorite little tree is hidden by the center post.

Awesome view from our basement windows (area under the dining room)

The creek that runs through our backyard - can you see it?  Lots of thorn bushes everywhere!
(this is waaaaay in the back of the lot)
 I'm hoping to be able to stop by on Saturday while the workers are still there to see some stuff actually happening, instead of always catching these static photos after-the-fact.  Can't wait to see the first floor!


  1. This is awesome--what a great thanksgiving!! They move so fast you have to be out there early to catch the action. I caught our first floor up but never caught each wall going up separately.