Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Bunker is Born (PGBD #4/5)

Things seem to be moving along quite nicely so far (I'm sure that will change eventually).  On Tuesday 11/13, the workers set up our basement/foundation wall forms and the proceeded to fill them with concrete.  Tons of concrete from 4 different concrete trucks.  My husband was able to watch them - for like 2 hours! - in the afternoon/early evening.  I'm so jealous of him.

The forms kinda look like bunker walls.  I only have a few rare photos since I left work after dark and didn't stop by, and there was so much movement going on that the husband could only take a couple pics.  I'm sure there's not much to see yet anyway.  I'm excited for this weekend, when we hope to stop by and see our uncovered basement/foundation walls.  I keep calling them "basement/foundation" walls since some are below grade and others are part of the basement.  Hey, I never claimed to know all the technical terms for home parts.  Not my area of expertise.

Back right corner of the bunker (under the dining room, with the morning room on the right)

Living room and dining room side

I drove by yesterday morning after a meeting I had at one hospital, while on my way to the other hospital.  I literally "drove by" because there were so many trucks and machines in the cul-de-sac that there was no way I was even getting close to our lot!  Oh well.  The husband was able to stop by later on, and found the workers taking off the forms.  Really?  Already?  Yes, apparently it only takes one day/24 hours for the concrete to set, but it won't cure fully for 28 days. 

"What?  Does that mean I have to wait 28 days for framing?" 
"No, of course not, Silly Wife.  You can drive on it in 5-7 days, so we're still set to have lumber delivered on the 21st." 

Did I mention that I don't know much about this home-building stuff?

Anyway, here are a few rare photos from that. 

Left side of the house with the garage (we're mostly looking into the garage here)

This is the left side, back of the garage.

Again, I can't wait for the weekend.  I haven't stepped foot on the lot since Monday, and it's sorta killing me.

In fact, I have been changing my work computer desktop background to up-to-date pictures of the lot.  I recently changed it to one of the bare concrete wall photos.  Yep, I'm totally pathetic.


  1. Yay!! I can't wait to see our bunker! Should be Monday, so I'm wondering if we will see the forms delivered tomorrow or even over the weekend!!

  2. Fun progress!! You may have a first and second floor if they worked over the weekend!