Monday, November 12, 2012

We have a hole!

Well, we have a hole.

We were told last Tuesday that we should be breaking ground on Thursday, but then that was pushed back by an "executive decision" by our PM.  He decided to break ground on the house across the street from us (a Venice, I believe), since he thought their house would go faster and ultimately be finished before ours.  The husband raised hell, but I was rather okay with this, since I indirectly know of these folks and I know they're currently living in one of their parents' houses while awaiting all this building to happen.

But, nevertheless, we broke ground on Friday, November 9th.  Yay!!

Here's some pic of our hole from various angles.  I didn't get out there to take pics until Saturday, since Friday was a long, rough work day and we had a party that evening as well.

Stuck in there somewhere is the husband's photo from his car while they were digging on Friday. (Random Blogger order!)  He couldn't safely get any closer at the time, but that's okay.  Since then, we have been back twice this weekend, even though no additional work happened (so, perhaps our crews don't work weekends?).  We took a lot of pictures yesterday, then wandered around a lot today.  It had rained on Friday, but by Sunday it was more dry and less mud, so we were able to actually venture into the hole itself.  Too cool!

As of right now, we are supposed to get our footers tomorrow (Monday), and lumber is to be delivered on the 21st (the day before Thanksgiving!  No work being done then for sure).  So I'm hoping we'll get some framing up around Monday or Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

We had a plan to pack a picnic Thanksgiving dinner and eat it in our "hole," if we had one by then.  I wonder if we still will...  :-)

All I know is, I'm happy that we've had some rather unseasonably warm days this week, so they were able to get some work done.  I just hope the basement walls are poured before it gets too cold outside.


  1. This is awesome, Unsafe Prune! The pictures came out very nice considering it was from the car! Congratulations! AND it will is on and popping from here!

    1. Well, the third pic from the bottom is from the husband's car. The rest were taken during a visit on Saturday where we walked all around the hole and got our shoes super-muddy. Thank God for all-weather floor mats!