Thursday, December 6, 2012

Framing, yay! (PGBD #14-21, aka Week 3)

It has been a while since I blogged.  We've been busy (same as everyone else) with the Thanksgiving holiday and work, so I barely have time to even make it to the lot, let alone sit down in the evenings and write blog posts.  But, I wanted to update you all, Dear Readers, about the progress on the homefront.

Since Thanksgiving, we have had the first floor framing started and finished, and the second floor framing started and finished.  By this evening, Wednesday, we have a roof that is about half-shingled and the beginnings of (or most of, I can't tell in the dark) our plumbing.  AND someone awesomely posted our pre-construction worksheets on the morning room door with checks and X's by things that were done. (Thanks, PM.  This totally appeals to my slight OCD nature and love of lists.)  Also, there are sweet blue lines to delineate the cabinets in our kitchen.  Sweet!  We have doors installed, with ORB doorknobs, as well.  Super sweet!  I'm getting excited, but I need to rein it in, finish this post, and get to bed.  Early mornings for the rest of the week (and weekend) and long evenings are ahead.

Here we go.  I'm significantly cutting the number of photos that I'm posting, as I see some of us bloggers have run into some trouble with maxing out our limits (so glad someone figured out ways to fix it - I was beginning to worry when I wasn't seeing pics/posts from some of you!)

The first floor

Back of the house - our new favorite part

The back again, but with windows!

Inside the morning room

Family room - view from kitchen

Front of the house with second floor

Back of the house with second floor

Love it.

Family room

Morning room and corner of kitchen

Random shot of master bedroom (sitting area to the left, off-screen)

Tray ceiling in dining room!

Sweet bay window in dining room

Fireplace in family room

Sitting area in master bedroom
(actual bedroom part from above photo to right, off-screen)

Super sweet jetted tub (which I'll probably only use twice)!

One of my favorite pics - my feet were an accident that I didn't catch until looking at the pic later (but I love them)

Off to bed for now.  I have a lot of blog-reading to catch up on later!  We're hoping to drop by this weekend, while it's still light out, to take some additional pics and maybe show some friends the house.  I'll try to remember to post some new photos with the roof and so on.  We keep visiting after work, but it's so dark that we're running down our phone batteries with flashlight apps.  Ridiculous, but we can't seem to stay away.


  1. Wow the back of your house is just as impressive as the front of your house! Im loving the fireplace, apparently the one I picked, the slate doesnt have the build up in the front, wish I had known that...

    Your bottom walk out is gorgeous with the windows off to the side also, I am guessing you will have finished basement.......jealous!! This model was too pricey for us, so I just love looking at yours, please keep posting....