Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flooring And Color Choices

Finally!  This weekend we got to choose our flooring, cabinets, and outside color choices.  This has really made me look forward to December (but oh my, it's so far away!).

Below are poorly executed photos of the flooring, cabinets, kitchen counters, and outside house colors we chose.  I'm excited that we got to this stage, but I know we have so much longer to wait (today is 194 days until our estimated closing date).  Choosing the flooring wasn't quite so hard, since we had only so many options, and most of the carpets were not our style.  There were a lot of wood flooring options, as well as quite a few tile choices for the bathrooms.  However, we knew we didn't want oak flooring or light-colored tile.  So, that knocked out quite a few choices immediately. 

For our flooring, we wanted hardwood throughout the main floor, except for the laundry room and family room.  We wanted carpet for the family room (makes it cozier) and ceramic tile in the laundry room (didn't want to ruin the hardwoods with water or salt dragged in from the garage).  The master bathroom, upstairs hall bathroom, and basement powder room will all have ceramic tile floor.  Carpet everywhere else (basement and all the bedrooms).  I didn't take pictures of the carpet because - guess what?  It's light tan!  I know, it's practically what we already have in our current house.

Handrail & stairs - Traditional Cherry; Flooring - Cocoa Brown Maple

Cabinets (from top to bottom) - Wyoming Cherry Spice (Kitchen); Espresso (Master bath and basement powder room); Andover Maple Spice (Upstairs hall bath) 

Kitchen granite - Santa Cecilia

Example of what the Master bath cabinet will look like on the bathroom tile

Master Bathroom tile - floor, shower/bath surround, and accent tile

Close up of the awesome accent tile for our Master Bathroom

Front door, siding, and shutters - just like our current house! 

Outside and fireplace stone (Buff), siding (Autumn Beige), and shutters (black)

We are hoping to have different cabinets in the upstairs hall bath and the basement powder room, but supposedly they are supposed to be the same.  Our SR is looking into it, so here's hoping.  Otherwise, we'll just choose the espresso cabinets for all.  We didn't get a photo of the tile we chose for the upstairs hall bath and the laundry room (same tile, kind of brown-tan, and close to what we have in our current kitchen).  We have also asked our SR to look into having our hall bath shower tiled - normally it's a fiberglass insert, but we would like to have a regular tub with a tiled surround.  Supposedly my husband read someplace where other people had that done in their house, and our flooring specialist said she had seen that before too.  Here's hoping on that front as well.

There's so many more things to talk about, but I have to stop thinking about the house, and get back to real-life work-related stuff.  But let me leave you with this, our sold sign photo:



  1. You chose the same kitchen cabinets and shudders as me! I would like to warn you about your siding choice though. There are a lot of blogs of people complaining that Autumn Beige looks pink in the sunlight. The sample looks great but I have seen it on some houses and it definitely has a pink hue to it. Here's one blog for an example:

    There are many more but I am following a ton of Ryan Home bloggers and I'm not sure of exactly who else it was. I do know that one blogger paid to have her entire house re-sided after closing because she didn't like how pink the Autumn beige looks.

  2. Thanks so much for letting us know. We will have to look into this -- I don't want a "pink" house! There's a lot of houses in our development that have a beautiful dark tan color siding. I wonder if that is still available (we're phase III).