Monday, June 11, 2012

Easily Distracted - Decorating Dreams Already!

Ever since we started this whole house-building business, I have been even more easily distracted than I was before (and that's saying something).  Plus, I have a five-day weekend coming up -- and our final selection deadline -- so that's not really helping at all.  I sit at work and think about what the house will look like, and how we will decorate it, and what the landscaping will be like (and when we'll even get to entertain the idea of landscaping), and how we'll set up the bedrooms.

That last bit is what I keep thinking about.

I want to turn the smallest bedroom upstairs into my office/craft room.  The husband gets the first floor office, since he actually works out of the home and needs the dedicated space.  I am willing to share my office with my craft space, and some kind of guest sleeping arrangement.  So, that's what I'm thinking about: should I get a sleeper sofa or a Murphy bed for that room?  The nice thing about a sleeper sofa is it gives me more space to sit and work on projects.  The nice thing about a Murphy bed is it allows the bed to be completely tucked away and opens up more floor space.  I'm going to start looking into pricing differences soon, but I'm just not sure what to do.  Plus, how do I want to set up the room to function as an office/craft room for the majority of the time?  Will I need to keep dedicated work-related space, and then also dedicated craft/general spaces?  Should these blend somehow (keeping in mind that I'm easily distracted, and may choose to give up on work and do crafts instead)?  I own a microscope for home work (though it's old and I rarely bring cases home to work on), but most of the time I'm preparing lectures on my laptop or just reading journals and studying.  Therefore, I need to plan to have a spot for my scope and my laptop, and perhaps enough room for both at the same time if I'm signing out cases from home.  Currently, I don't own a sewing machine (though that may change after I move in -- need to have curtains, and my mom's an excellent seamstress, so I'm hoping she can teach me a few things), and my main crafts are knit/crochet and cross-stitch.  I rarely make jewelry, paper-related crafts, and general crafts.  I would also like this room to function as a place to store wrapping paper and greeting/holiday cards, as well as allow me to wrap gifts and write thank you's, etc.  You know, standard home office stuff.  This is a lot to ask of an 11' x 12' room.

To help me with these decorating decisions, I found a website (and iPhone/iPad app) called  Oh my goodness, it's worse than Pinterest-crack.  I honestly stayed up way too late last night, flipping through professionally-designed office & craft room photos.  So many beautiful ideas!  I'm sure I'll have to wait until we're actually living there before I have a good sense of what I want to do, but I've always been one to daydream.

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